Is guidepoint consultation legit?

Is guidepoint consultation legit?

Do not recommend They pair consultants with companies without really knowing what they want and then don’t pay you for it. Also, they say you don’t have to give proprietary information but if you don’t, you are basically “disposed of”, since your ethical values are too much for them. Do not work for this company.

Is guidepoint real?

GuidePoint is one of many expert network services that has gained popularity in recent years. The expert network industry has grown rapidly, and there is more demand now than ever for people with expertise in different industries and businesses to consult on various decisions for other companies.

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How do you get paid by Guidepoint?

Payments will be made following the completion of an Advisor’s consulting engagement, typically within 15 days following the Advisor’s request for such payment through the Guidepoint Global Advisors website (

How does guidepoint work?

Business model. Clients use Guidepoint as a resource to find answers to specific industry questions that might only be answered by industry and subject-matter experts. The company essentially operates as a matchmaking service, connecting its users to recruited experts in the field they are looking to learn more about.

Who are Guidepoints clients?

Our multinational client list includes nine of the top 10 global consulting firms, hundreds of hedge funds (including five of the largest firms), and many of the largest private equity firms and Fortune-ranked companies. Guidepoint’s fourteen offices on three continents provide 24/7, quick and agile service.

Who owns Guidepoint consulting?

Albert Sebag
Albert Sebag is Founder and CEO of Guidepoint, a leader and pioneer in the expert network industry. Since its founding and under his leadership, Guidepoint has grown exponentially, from a small start-up to a well-established, worldwide company that services over 1000 institutional and corporate clients.

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Is Guidepoint fake?

Is Guidepoint Global Advisors legit or is this a scam? Even though their reviews are occasionally less than stellar, Guidepoint is a legitimate business with offices around the globe and roughly 3,250 current clients, of which 200+ are hedge funds, 100+ are private equity firms, and 100+ are public companies.

Is Guidepoint Global an expert network?

A comprehensive review of Guidepoint, one of the top three expert networks in the world Labelled as the “experts at finding expertise,” Guidepoint Global is a world leader in the burgeoning expert network industry.

Is Guidepoint a reputable company to use?

Whether or not someone chooses to join our network of experts and consult with our clients is, of course, a personal decision informed by any number of considerations. That being said, the representation of Guidepoint as anything other than a reputable, industry-leading company is wholly inaccurate.

Is guideguidepoint global being investigated for facilitating insider trading?

Guidepoint Global is being investigated for facilitating insider trading. This has been ongoing for over a year. Here’s an example of this from a US listed public company’s press release from yesterday:

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What is consulting for Guidepost like?

Consulting for Guidepost (or any expert network) isn’t a regular job with guaranteed hours. You put in your application and hope it matches with clients’ project needs. If it does, you won’t be the only one that matches with it, so you’ll have to spend 5 – 10 minutes to submit a proposal or answer a few screening questions.