How much does Xbox Live cost?

How much does Xbox Live cost?

Xbox Live Gold: Price and availability Xbox Live Gold is available as a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month in the U.S. and over 40 additional territories. It’s also available in upfront installments for savings on the usual monthly rate, priced at $24.99 for three months, $39.99 for six months.

Can I get Xbox Live for free?

Once you earn 7000 points through searches, challenges, and rewards, you can use them to purchase a month of Xbox LIVE. Go to the Xbox LIVE membership reward page. This is where you’ll claim your free month of Xbox LIVE.

How much is a week of Xbox Live?

Xbox Live Gold is a subscription-based service that can be purchased in one month, three month, and one-year periods. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are $59.99 for 12 months, $24.99 for three months, and $9.99 for one month.

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Why do I have to pay for Xbox Live?

Well, Xbox needs to pay for the servers they keep and use to have Xbox Live running. Servers cost a lot of money to keep and maintain as well as the staff needed and other resources. This is why we have to pay to use Xbox Live, and to access multiplayer content.

Does Xbox Live 12 month still work?

Microsoft removed its 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships online back in July 2020. You also have the opportunity to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold and access to hundreds of games on Xbox consoles, PC, and Android devices, for $15 a month.

How do I redeem my 1-month free Xbox Live?

You only need a windows live account set up online, and use that to join to xbox live. Once your 1-month trial runs out, you can purchase 3-month or 1-year cards in store and redeem code, without need for a credit card or paypal.

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How do I redeem my 1-month free Xbox Live Pass?

Follow these steps to activate your Game Pass:

  1. Use the Xbox button ( ) to open the guide;
  2. Select the option Games & apps;
  3. Choose Redeem Code;
  4. Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

Is Xbox Live 60 dollars?

New and existing members can continue to enjoy Xbox Live Gold for the same prices they pay today. In the US, $9.99 for 1-month, $24.99 for 3-months, $39.99 for 6-months and $59.99 for retail 12-months.

Why did Xbox get rid of 12 month gold?

“We messed up today and you were right to let us know,” said Microsoft. “Connecting and playing with friends is a vital part of gaming and we failed to meet the expectations of players who count on it every day. As a result, we have decided not to change Xbox Live Gold pricing.”

How much money a year does Xbox Live cost?

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One year of Xbox Live Gold costs $60, so if you’re already paying for a yearly Xbox Live subscription and are also subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, then this won’t change anything, as both add up to the yearly cost of $180.

What is the Xbox Live monthly fee?

At the Free level, you can do the following: Xbox Live Gold is a subscription service that varies in cost. As of this writing, you can purchase a subscription for Xbox Live Gold at $9.99 per month, at about $25 for three months or at $60 for a year.

How many subscribers does Xbox Live have?

Xbox Live has nearly 90 million monthly active users

  • Xbox Game Pass has more than 10 million subscribers
  • Project xCloud has 100s of thousands of active users in preview
  • How do you get a free Xbox Live membership?

    To get your free membership, first sign up with (fill out the fields to the right). Once you have created an account, you can start getting your Xbox Live Membership simply by completing offers.