How long does the Graduate Diploma in Law take?

How long does the Graduate Diploma in Law take?

The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is a Law conversion course that effectively fits around 18 months of undergraduate Law study into one intensive year. These courses often provide you with preparation for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Are Gdls respected?

The GDL is a fantastic way to condense essential knowledge into a year of studying. It’s a route towards becoming a solicitor or a barrister, but it doesn’t command much respect in any other field.

Is the GDL difficult?

Essentially, you’ll be condensing three years worth of LLB course content into just ten months, so yes, the conversion course is likely to be difficult! Passing it takes huge commitment and academic talent, so graduating with the qualification is a great achievement.

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What is a graduate diploma in Law (GDL)?

A Graduate Diploma in Law is the first step to beginning a legal career for those who didn’t study Law at undergraduate level. Although not compulsory, a GDL can be great preparation for the SQE . GDLs equip you with all the knowledge delivered by an undergraduate Law degree, putting you on an equal footing with Law graduates.

How long does it take to complete a graduate diploma in law?

Full-time GDLs are completed within one year, while their part-time equivalents take two years. How is a Graduate Diploma in Law assessed? Generally, you’ll be assessed via seven three-hour, closed-book exams on those seven core modules listed above.

What is the difference between a Master of Laws and diploma?

The Master of Laws and a Graduate Diploma of Law are different qualifications in the field of law, but they are similar, in that they are both postgraduate legal courses.

Is the Graduate Diploma in law being phased out?

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WARNING: You should be aware that the Graduate Diploma in Law is not long for this world. From 2020 onwards, it will be phased out as a new way of qualifying as a solicitor is introduced. For more information, read our feature on the new Solicitors Qualification Exam.