How long does it take to localize an app?

How long does it take to localize an app?

It can take 10+ hours to manually update 10 locales in App Store Connect or Google Play Console.

Should you localize your app?

Of course, there’s no point localizing your app for global use unless enough people are downloading it. Putting your company’s app on the iOS and Android stores makes it available to anyone around the world. Even if your mobile app is available in dozens of different languages, it still must be localized.

Why should I localize my apps?

Localizing your app helps make it relevant to a variety of cultures and languages, and provides an opportunity to grow your business. Learn how to prepare your app for a global audience and understand considerations for expanding into new markets.

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Why do we localize games?

Localization aims to give your product a look and feel that is unique to the target market. Both linguistic and cultural factors come into play. Since online gamers worldwide log in, having a localized game means a broader audience, more players, and more sales.

How much does it cost translate?

In the United States, the average translation cost is around $0.15/word. Some translation companies advertise fixed translation rates per page, such as $20/page; however, rates per page can be deceptive as they are only valid for a maximum quantity of words, usually around 200 words.

How do I localize my app?

How to Localize Your App

  1. Easily add a new locale in App Radar’s App Store Optimization tool.
  2. Edit your app store listing in App Radar and publish changes to App Store Connect and Google Play Console.
  3. Find app and track app keywords in every language with App Radar’s App Store Optimization tool.
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How you would localize an application?

Successful app localization entails changing a number of aspects of the app, including:

  • Translating the language correctly.
  • Changing the default currency if applicable.
  • Making sure the time and date are correct for that location.
  • Taking into account any difference in legal matters.
  • Assigning the correct language keyboard.

How do you localize an app?

Managing strings for localization

  1. Move all strings into strings.
  2. Follow Android guidelines for UI strings.
  3. Provide sufficient context for declared strings.
  4. Mark message parts that should not be translated.
  5. Design your app to work in any locale.
  6. Design a flexible layout.

Should I localize my game?

With over 2 million gaming apps in-app store, you have a strong market to beat, and localizing your content will give you a competitive edge over other projects. If you do not take advantage of video game localization to break-even, another competitor may take over your market share in the industry.

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How do I become a videogame translator?

The most relevant qualifications to game translation are languages (with a focus on translation). Game design or promotion from localization tester are also great ways to become a game translator. As game localization is a new field there are no hard and fast rules.

How many translators are there in the world?

640,000 translators
It is estimated that there are around 640,000 translators in the world (source: Translators Association of China (TAC), a quarter of whom are freelancers.