How do you do cool things on Gmail?

How do you do cool things on Gmail?

12 things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail

  1. Preschedule messages.
  2. Snooze emails.
  3. Send stock responses.
  4. Find out if your email was read.
  5. Blow up your emails.
  6. Make a to-do list.
  7. Schedule appointments.
  8. Get all your mail in one view.

What is the best way to use Gmail for work?

17 Gmail Organization Tips to Improve Your Productivity

  1. Switch to new Gmail (if you haven’t already).
  2. Use the default display density.
  3. Create new labels.
  4. Divide labels into sub-labels.
  5. Use multiple labels per email (if necessary).
  6. Add more tabs (Categories) and organize them.
  7. Utilize markers.
  8. Enable automatic marking.

What can I do with Gmail?

With Gmail, your email is stored safely in the cloud. You can get to messages from any computer or device with a web browser. If your administrator allows, you can join or start a video meeting in Google Meet right from Gmail. Add Google Chat to your Gmail inbox and get all the features of Chat directly in Gmail.

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How do I use Gmail professionally?

25 Gmail Tips That Make You Look More Professional

  1. Undo sending.
  2. Attachment alerter.
  3. Don’t have a silly email address.
  4. Default to a professional text style.
  5. Take advantage of rich text.
  6. Set a Gmail theme.
  7. Keep up with “waiting for” emails.
  8. Don’t forget your vacation autoresponder.

What is so special about Gmail?

Probably the most notable points here are the storage capacity and the search-instead-of-folders organizational approach. The huge storage capacity means that you really don’t need to delete old emails, and that you can use Gmail as kind of an online backup service for your key data files.

How do you keep Gmail clean?

How to Clean Gmail Inbox

  1. Use the Categories.
  2. Block Unwanted Senders and Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails.
  3. Delete All Emails from Senders You Don’t Care About.
  4. Get Rid of Old Emails.
  5. Create Custom Email Filters.
  6. Organize Emails with Gmail Labels.
  7. Start Using a Gmail Cleaner App.
  8. Clean Up Gmail Storage.

What labels to use in Gmail?

1. Use Gmail labels like super-folders for categorizing your email

  1. Any labels associated with an email will show up both in your inbox and when viewing the message in full.
  2. Once you create a new label within Gmail, it’ll always show up as an option in the future.
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What is the main purpose of Gmail?

Gmail (pronounced Gee-mail) is a free Web-based e-mail service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. The Gmail program also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.

How can I make my Gmail look nice?

An easy fix is to change the “display density” to compact. Just click on the settings gear icon on the top right corner above the inbox. There it will have three display density options. Clicking “compact” will make it look like this.

What’s the fastest way to use Gmail?

The built-in keyboard shortcuts are by far the fastest way to use Gmail. Although they take a bit of getting used to—it took me about a week to master—it’ll shave seconds off everything you do in Gmail, from reading mail to organizing your inbox. By default, Gmail has a few shortcuts enabled, but be sure to turn on the full set of commands.

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How do I get organized in Gmail?

Use Gmail add-on Keyrocket to quickly learn common keyboard shortcuts. First things first: To get organized in Gmail, you need to learn how to effectively navigate your inbox. The built-in keyboard shortcuts are by far the fastest way to use Gmail.

How do I sort my Gmail inbox?

You can tell that the Gmail team loves to experiment: they have five baked-in ways to sort your inbox, plus a tabbed system that automatically sorts emails based on subject matter. If you want to play around with your inbox layout, go to settings (gear icon), click on the “Inbox” tab, and look at the drop-down next to “Inbox type:”.

How do I put emails from multiple Gmail accounts in Gmail?

Luckily, Gmail offers the option to put emails from up to five other accounts— or otherwise—straight into your inbox, intermingled with your regular Gmail messages. To add an account, go to settings, click on the “Accounts and Import” tab, and click “Add a POP3 mail account you own” in the “Check mail from other accounts” section.