How do I interpret Google Trends Index?

How do I interpret Google Trends Index?

Interpreting Google Trends The numbers represent the search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the selected region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity of the term, whilst a value of 50 means that the term is half as popular.

What is Google volume index?

3.2 GOOGLE SEARCH VOLUME INDEX. Data is collected from Google Trends, a public web tool provided by Google that shows how often a specific search term is searched relative to the total search volume across the world, over a defined date range that the user inputs.

What is the scale of Google Trends?

The resulting numbers then get scaled on a range of 0 to 100 based on a topics proportion to all searches. Trends eliminates repeated searches from the same person over a short period to give you a better picture. And it is important to note that Trends only shows data for popular terms (low volume appears as 0).

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How do you Analyse search trends?

How Do I Use Google Trends?

  1. Understand Keyword Search Volume.
  2. Identify Seasonal Trends.
  3. Avoid Temporarily Popular Keywords.
  4. Find Trending Relevant Topics.
  5. Use Trend Predictions.
  6. Find Related Queries to Beat the Competition.
  7. Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy.
  8. Enhance Your Video SEO Strategy.

Does Google trends show number of searches?

Trends normalizes its search data by comparing the searches for a specific topic to the total number of searches in the time range and region you set in your search parameters.

How do I compare more than 5 things on Google Trends?

How can I look at more than five trends at a time? So long as two queries share the same most popular topic, they will be scaled in the same way, so the trends will be comparable. It follows then that if you want to compare more than five topics in Google Trends, you just need to include a control topic in each search.

What is the best tool to analyze search trends?

Some valuable tools for discovering keyword search trends include: Google Trends & Google Insights for Search – These tools are great for capturing search trend data. This is where you should spend the majority of your efforts in identifying valuable web search trends.

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How many things can you compare in Google Trends?

5 items
It becomes a little harder to use when you are conducting a full industry survey as there is a limit of 5 items that can be compared and no API so you can’t do it programmatically, Let’s take a simple example and see how we can solve this problem.

What is the y axis in Google Trends?

When you search for a keyword on Google Trends, the first thing you’ll see is a graph that shows how the popularity of that term has fluctuated over the past 12 months. Along the X-axis, you’ll see time broken down by dates, and on the Y-axis, you’ll see the scale of 0-100, which was discussed in the previous section.

What is Google Trends profile?

Google Trends is an online data exploration tool that features real time search data from Google. Users can explore people’s search interests and find additional data like the most relevant articles, interest over time, interest by region, trending queries, and related topics.

How to compare search terms with Google Trends?

How to Compare Search Terms with Google Trends Go to Google Trends. Search for a term. Add another term to compare. Add a custom location (Optional). Add a Custom time range (Optional). (more items) See More….

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What does Google Trends measure?

Trends data is an unbiased sample of our Google search data. It’s anonymized (no one is personally identified), categorized (determining the topic for a search query) and aggregated (grouped together). This allows us to measure interest in a particular topic across search, from around the globe, right down to city-level geography.

What is Google Trends and how does it work?

Google Trends is an online search tool that allows the user to see how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases have been queried over a specific period of time.

How to find search volume?

Make a brainstorm. Sit down with 1-2 of your colleagues and start brainstorming words related to your topic. Use search engines to find related

  • Create a gross list with keywords. Now choose the words from the brainstorm that make sense for your business to rank for. Write down the words on a
  • Refine and expand your keyword gross list (PRO STEP). Go to and enter your gross ist into the search box. StoryBase acts as a “reverse
  • Perform a search volume analysis. Copy-paste your keyword list into a keyword volume checker as (free). If you use the StoryBase