Does New Zealand accept GED?

Does New Zealand accept GED?

The GED® diploma is an accredited high school equivalency credential issued by the Superintendent of Education of the District of Columbia. Students with a GED plus SAT are eligible to apply for admission to many degree courses in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and internationally.

Is the GED accepted in other countries?

Internationally recognized The GED® program is the only higher secondary certificate available in over 85 countries and accepted by nearly all universities in the U.S. and many across the world.

Can you study in Europe with a GED?

GED isn’t only accepted in the US. There are also a couple of Universities abroad that will accept your GED test certificate. Hence, if getting admission in the States gets difficult, you can try other colleges abroad. Asia and Australia are the other major places in the world that accept a GED.

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Do universities accept GED?

The GED® is accepted at many universities around the world. Most universities accept American credentials such as a GED® or high school diploma plus a prescribed score on the SAT college admission test. For example: 98\% of US universities accept students with a GED.

Is GED accepted in Nepal?

The GED is an American educational course designed to help students obtain a high school diploma. The diploma will be issued from the state of Main, US. It is now available in Nepal and has been approved as 10+2 equivalent by the Higher Secondary Educational Board of Nepal.

Does Sweden accept GED?

Answer: No, as far as I know GED is not enough to get accepted into an undergraduate program in Sweden or France. There is very little information available on this subject but here you can read about the admission requirements to Swedish universities for students who have studied in USA.

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Does University of Stellenbosch accept GED?

We are excited that you are interested in applying to Stellenbosch University, and we hope to welcome you as a Matie student in the near future. Please click below for information regarding SU admissions : *As of January 2019, GED is no longer an accepted curriculum.

Does New Zealand give full scholarships to international students?

The New Zealand Government offers full tertiary scholarships for eligible international students to study full-time at a New Zealand education institution or a Pacific university. The scholarships are open to citizens of selected countries in the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Carribbean as well as Commonwealth countries.

What subjects can I study under the NZ Scholarship?

Studies can be in any subject. The main purpose of the Scholarship is to attract new international students of high caliber to enroll in undergraduate or postgraduate taught study of 1 year or more at the University of Auckland.

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What are the requirements to study in New Zealand?

Requirement: Applicant must be an undergraduate . Also, must meet the age requirements for New Zealand scholars. Additionally, must meet the immigration and visa requirements of New Zealand. Also, must meet the academic and English requirements. Furthermore, must have contributed to his/her country’s growth. And must have work experience.

What is the University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship?

The University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship is being made available for new International undergraduate and postgraduate students who are applying to study taught PGDip or Masters of 120 points or more, or who are applying to study undergraduate degrees (with overseas secondary or post-secondary qualifications).