Do you get paid to ask questions on Quora?

Do you get paid to ask questions on Quora?

Where does the money come from? Advertisers pay quora to put up ads of their products or services in between the answers to your questions. It might be in the form of simple text ads, promoted answers or any other forms.

Is the an infinite amount of knowledge?

Knowledge is finite. Human brain has a great number of possible arrangements but it’s not infinite: finite number of atomes, finite number of interactions therefore there is a finite number of available representations.

What is the weakness of Socratic method?

Disadvantages of the Socratic method include: Easy failure rate without student participation. A fear of public speaking is common. Loss of interest possible when a professor is speaking with an individual student.

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Why do people ask so many questions on Quora?

Any time a program like this opens, you’re going to have a flood of people mobilizing to ask as many questions as they can, to get as much money as they can while the getting is good. Quora has two mechanics in place to minimize this: merging and moderation.

What are some good daily goals to achieve?

Originally Answered: What are some good daily goals. Wake up early in the morning. Meditate or Exercise. Prepare your own breakfast. Go to work on time. Take small breaks of few minutes while working. Come back home (don’t go to a pub or in a street party with friends). Call your parents and ask about their well being.

What are the benefits of writing down your goals daily?

Here are some other benefits to writing down your goals daily: Writing down your goals will help you get clear on what it is you actually want. By putting your goal into words, you’re forced to really think about what you want and brainstorm a plan to make it happen.

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Is there a lifetime value on questions on Quora?

There’s no real problem with this, it’s just worth mentioning. It’s also worth noting that you only earn on questions for 1 year (12 months). You can’t build up lifetime value on questions, because you only make money for the first month after you ask them.