Can pilots choose where they live?

Can pilots choose where they live?

Seniority will decide where you get to go, and the most senior pilots get their preferences, new folks get what is left over. After you have accumulated seniority, you can go to where a vacancy exists if you are the most senior person who wants to go there.

Do pilots stay in the country they fly to?

Pilot here and it depends where they would be flying to. Usually with the company’s most scheduled flights will return to base (where they live) so they will be home every night, on special occasions, They do get interesting flights that they might have to stay overnight somewhere, sometimes week at the time.

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How do pilots find their destination?

Pilots rely heavily on computerised controls and with the assistance of the autopilot and the flight management computer, steer the plane along their planned route. They are monitored by air traffic control stations they pass along the way.

Do airlines provide hotel for pilots?

Going against norms chalked out for cost-cutting , pilots based in Delhi have been appointed for managerial jobs in Mumbai. They stay in five-star hotels, which even the directors of the airline are not privileged to and the fat bills are left to the airline to foot.

How do planes know where fly?

In airplanes, there are road maps of airways. The airplane GPS uses signals to analyze the wind and weather and the distance to destination. The information is inputted into the Black Box, which contains reference system data and radio navigation signals to guide the plane to the desired destination utilizing airways.

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Can I choose where I want to fly as a pilot?

As long as you have at least a little bit of seniority you can choose where you wish to be based and even which aircraft. Larger aircraft usually pay more per hour (read: minute) and usually fly longer trips. Airline pilots live and die by seniority. There is a master list of every pilot at the airline, from first hired to last hired.

Do airline pilots have routes?

The short answer is: No, we do not have regular routes. We can fly any number of routes in a given month. An airline’s mechanism to schedule pilots and flight attendants is complicated and crewmembers themselves are responsible for selecting a schedule that meets their needs every month.

Why do some airlines hire pilots from other countries?

Some airlines are growing faster than they can find pilots in their home base. They then look for expat pilots; pilots from other countries willing to fly for them. That can be under a temporary contract, until they have found enough “of their own people”, or it can be with a permanent or open contract.

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Can a pilot work only one route for the month?

So while a senior pilot may end up with their perfect schedule, a newer pilot to the airline may be assigned trips that they may not want. It is possible, if a pilot is senior enough, to work only one type of route for the month. However, this is very rare.