Can anything defeat Gold requiem?

Can anything defeat Gold requiem?

Within the JoJo multiverse, only one Stand is capable of defeating GER, and it’s not even canon.

Who can beat Thanos with Gauntlet?

If there’s one human who can defeat Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet, it’s definitely Batman – with prep time, of course. The Dark Knight has fought against some of DC’s most powerful characters, and has come out the victor in many of those instances. Batman has beaten Superman, Green Lantern, and even Darkseid!

How fast is gold requiem?

Speed: Same at A/Infinite. The projectiles it can fire easily exceed mach 1, while its power to return everything to zero.

How does Thanos get the first Infinity Stone?

Thanos acquired his first Infinity Stone, the Power Stone, from Xandar, where the Nova Corps. had been guarding it. He decimated the entire planet in the process. This happened off-screen, prior to the start of Avengers: Infinity War, so we have no more details on what happened.

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How would GER defeat Thanos?

Gold Experience Requiem wrecks. GER has infinite speed and reaction time (actually more like above the concept of speed), so no matter what action Thanos takes, GER would have already nullified it. Infinity Gauntlet is useless against something that operates completely outside of space and time.

Can GER beat a Thanos in a stalemate?

Stalemate or GER wins. GER has no chance in hell of hurting thanos, but thanos can’t bypass GER. That being said, depending on how you interpret GER’s ability, you either insta death-looped, no questions asked, or you have to die normally first, meaning GER only wins if the former is true.

Why can’t giorno use the gauntlet?

But Giorno’s ability will prevent him from using the gauntlet at all. Allow me to explain: To sum it up in simple terms, his power is to literally null and void any and all attempts at threatening Giorno. It will turn an enemy’s very willpower to absolute nothingness.

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Does GER have the gauntlet?

GER erases the action altogether. He prevents the result from happening as if it was never attempted. However GER has no way of harming Thanos. Thanos never uses the gauntlet. First of all, yes he does lol. Second, if that’s so then why would he have it here? More importantly what feats does GER have? I see alot of hype surrounding this guy.